Thursday, 13 September 2012

Graced By Sophia Sharp Review

Well what do I say about this book. It wasnt what I expected it to be.Graced involed the four of our main characters who are Laura,Logan,Alex and Madison to search for the ancient artifacts that will help them in their final fight with the elders and the basic part of the story involved them to look for the elders and confront them head on...but (sigh) they had no such luck and I didnt get to read any action between all of them but than again I guess that's gonna be in Ascension i.e Part 2 of Graced and the end of this series.

I LOVEd Gray in this book...I mean the way he saved Laura in the book when she most needed makes me wanna own a bear as a pet (grins)...but I'll be honest and say that Gray has been my favorite character since he made his entrance in the series as a cub.I know this might sound unfair considering the circumstances but I very much disliked Laura for leaving Gray back..Yea Yea I know how on earth would you get a bear on a plane to Egypt..but still c'mon I love the bear. I just hope Laura will come back for him or I will officially dislike her forever.

Anyway so the book again leaves us with a cliffhanger and the story continues with Ascention...Now I'm off to read that so catch ya'll laterrrzz ;)