Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Destined By Sophia Sharp Review

Hmmm..I'd say this book was not bad. I found it a little not-so-interesting in the start but as the story proceeded I was completely into it.

*SPOILER ALERT* I was in shock when Logan left Laura & the way he mocked her plea for him to stay with her OMG I totally wanted to strangle the guy. Yeah Ok so he had a good enough reason but he could have let her down more gently instead of hurting her like crap and being a jerk to her. I guess the benefit she got out of this whole situation is that her character grew way stronger and more confident which is a good thing. I was crying like crazy during the whole Alexander-got-poisoned-because-of-the-arrow situation ;( My heart went out to Laura for what all she had to go through with no one by her side :(

Overall I'd say a good read which will make you smile, cry, frustrate you at times but it will be worth it.And I'd say the real action begins now with Graced the #3 book of Dream Realms Trilogy Part 1....so here I come elders (Ancient vamps for those who havent read the book yet) to see how you get your butt kicked by Laura,Logan,Alexander,Madison & also the fallen angel whose name I do not know yet...(grins) Seriously I do not. LOL :)