Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sleeping Handsome By Jean Haus Review

Sleeping Handsome is about a boy named Zach who has been in a coma for a few months now and Paige who has to read to him every afternoon as a punishment given to her by her teacher. Then one day she find's Zach's journal and starts reading it to him partly out of her own curiosity to know more about the boy with whom she spends her afternoons. As time passes by she actually starts caring about him. It was good to see how Paige was inspired to stand up for herself and not pretend to be who she wasnt by reading Zach's journal. I liked Zach's character in the end too however small it was.It was quite short but an interesting read nevertheless. This type of reads want to make you believe in fairytales...but then I believe fairytales happen everyday we'r just too busy to realize it. The only thing this book lacked was that it was short. I wish it was a little longer so that I could know a little more of Zach and Paige and how their relation progresses. If your looking for a short and sweet read Sleeping Handsome is the book for you!!