Sunday, 10 November 2013

ARC Review : Have Gown, Will Wed By Killian McRae

Summary :

Back in college, the bras-before-bros sisterhood decided to live for achievement in the boardroom, not the bedroom. Rosalind Betters embraced that philosophy, pursuing her career and little else. But when her last single friend, Kamakshi, announces her engagement in of all things, an arranged marriage, Rosalind reevaluates the merits of matrimony. In her typical gung ho fashion, she names a date, books a venue, hires a caterer, and picks out a dress, all before finding a groom. Taking a lesson from Kamakshi and too busy to do otherwise, Rosalind hires San Francisco's best headhunter, Xavier Hommes, to find her better half for her. 

At first, Xavier thinks Rosalind is one of those eccentric personalities for which the city is famous. As he comes to know her, however, Xavier finds himself hating his task for reasons he never would have suspected. If Rosalind really wants a man who will make her happy, she need look no further. As W-Day approaches and Rosalind starts falling for someone Xavier himself headhunted, he walks the line between professionalism and passion, trying to decide if competing to become Mr. Betters is worth the risk to his commission, his reputation, and Rosalind's happiness.

Review :

***Received By The Author For An Honest Review*** 

I have to start by saying that we have a very strong, independent heroine in Rosalind who doesn’t need a man in her life to define who she is. She’s beautiful, smart, driven and extremely determined. Back in college, Rosalind and her friends always put their careers first before even thinking about settling down with a man. But as the years went by, her friends slowly started to build their family life and put their careers second. It was only her and her best friend, Kamakshi, left. Then came the dreaded day when even Kamakshi became engaged. This is the day that Rosalind began to see things differently, too. What good is having a successful career when there is no one to share it with? 
But with her blooming career keeping her busy, she has no time for the complications and time consuming activity called dating. So what does she do? She hires Xavier Hommes. No, Xavier is not a matchmaker per se, but a career headhunter. His company helped Rosalind find her perfect assistant, so she figures he can find her a husband. Yes, it’s unconventional, but Rosalind doesn’t do things half-assed. She’s all in. 

I kept flipping the pages because I just adored Xavier and Rosalind and I couldn’t wait for them to finally get together. There were, however, a few drawbacks to this story. I felt that the chemistry between Rosalind & Xavier could have been better. Other than that the story seemed a little slow paced in the beginning but as it progressed it took off on a perfect pace.

Overall, this book was a quick, light and a fun read for me.
Rating : 3/5 Stars

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